Account Opening


SOP for Account opening (for customer side)

There are two kinds of accounts: Regular ID account (Direct Account) and Omnibus account. Omnibus account takes more efforts and needs more documentation.

It is very simple to open a regular account (Direct Account).

  1. First, you have to sign a custodian agreement with your agent in Taiwan. (Usually foreign firms use HSBC or Citibank.) 
  2. Then you instruct your custodian bank to apply for a futures trading ID. The following account opening process will be done by your custodian bank. The required documentation are as follows:
  • Photocopy of certificate evidencing completion of identity registration.
  • The power of attorney/agency letter authorizing a domestic agent or representative to handle the procedure pertaining to domestic futures trading: including account opening, clearing, information reporting, exercise of rights associated with purchased futures (option), applying for foreign exchange settlement, and payment of taxes.
  • Photocopy of the identity card, alient resident certificate or company registration (or amendment registration) certificate of the docmestic agent or representative.
  • The contract with the custodian institution, the stipulated content of which shall comply with the applicable provisions of related acts, regulations, TAIFEX rules, etc.